Whitworth Swimming Club

Badges and Awards

Swimming Badges

To allow our swimming club members to demonstrate their swimming stroke development, water skills and survival skills we use the range of STA badge skill and profficiency programmes. We try to balance stroke development, confidence building and swimming skills over blocks of 10 sessions and every quarter try and incorporate progress towards the next level of award. Once a child has completed an award they will be provided with a slip with a signature and date to give to parents. They can then hand it over at the tuck shop. Badges and certificates are available for a small fee.

Distance Nights
Whitworth Swimming Club is committed to developing stamina swimming and demonstrates this through our very successful distance nights. At set times of the year we will run a short and long distance night to allow swimmers to show their skills. Some of our members have now exceeded 5000 metres on long distance nights.
Distance nights have proved a fantastic hit with children and some of the parents by their encouragement from the pool side.

Bronze Cross
The NaRS Cross Awards are principally aimed at teenagers and young adults; they turn competent swimmers into potential lifesavers who can perform a rescue or resuscitation. There are three levels of award – Bronze, Silver and Gold – which get progressively more difficult and are completed in turn. The only prerequisite to enter the scheme at the Bronze Award level is that the candidate is a competent, confident swimmer.

At all levels, the core elements covered are:

Water Safety
First Aid
Personal Survival Skills
Basic-Life Support Skills
Timed Swimming
Rescue Skills

STA Swimming Award badges